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Custom Belt Buckle Part One

A customer approached me with a request to recreate a custom belt buckle they had unfortunately lost some time ago.

All custom pieces begin with a conversation.  Once the designer and the customer agree on the specifications work can begin.

  • I started out using straight round wire stock in the correct gauge.
  • I formed it into the circle then soldered it using the rosebud tip on my mini torch.
  • The next steps were to cut the bar, fit it and solder it in place.

Process Torch

Smith Little Torch with Rosebud melting tip used for soldering the buckle

  •  The tang was then formed from a smaller size stock.

Custom buckle placed on sketch







This is a photo of the soldered buckle placed over the sketch

Look for the next blog post about the finished piece coming soon!

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Adornment by Kate Wilcox-Leigh

You have found the blog of Adornment by Kate Wilcox-Leigh where I will reveal my latest hand crafted jewelry and accessories. I primarily work in metals like sterling silver and 14k gold but I also work with a variety of other materials such as leather, glass and wool.

Here I will describe some of the processes I go through to create my work. The techniques I use vary from those traditionally used to work metal to those used in other mediums that I apply to metal.

I will share with you my thoughts about art, design and what it means to create. I will let you in on what inspires me to create what I do. Perhaps you will find inspiration to try something new.