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Custom Belt Buckle Part Two

The finish work is next in the process to complete the custom belt buckle

Here is a basic idea of my process

  • I filed the soldered joins to make sure the excess solder was removed.
  • Next the parts needed to be gone over with a few grits of wet/dry sand paper.

Papered and ready for polishing by Kate Wilcox-Leigh

Papered and Ready For Polishing

  • I then polished the pieces with Tripoli followed by Rouge
  • Final assembly was done once I was satisfied with the finish

  Finished Buckle by Kate Wilcox-Leigh

  Polished and Assembled

  • The “Finished Belt Blank” arrived needing holes and trimming
  • Once the leather work was done the buckle was put on the belt


Custom Buckle On Belt by Kate Wilcox-Leigh

Completed Buckle On Belt

I was quite pleased with the finished product and so was the customer!

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Adornment by Kate Wilcox-Leigh

You have found the blog of Adornment by Kate Wilcox-Leigh where I will reveal my latest hand crafted jewelry and accessories. I primarily work in metals like sterling silver and 14k gold but I also work with a variety of other materials such as leather, glass and wool.

Here I will describe some of the processes I go through to create my work. The techniques I use vary from those traditionally used to work metal to those used in other mediums that I apply to metal.

I will share with you my thoughts about art, design and what it means to create. I will let you in on what inspires me to create what I do. Perhaps you will find inspiration to try something new.