Kate Wilcox-Leigh PortraitAre you passionate about the power jewelry has to stir up memories and signify connections? Its personal wearable nature is an intimate expression of the individual who chooses to wear it. It can serve as a memory, a talisman or a symbol of an idea or belief. From my earliest recollection of sifting through my grandmothers’ jewelry collection I have been intrigued by the personal wearable nature of jewelry. I would ponder where each piece came from and imagine her wearing them.

From my first jewelry class in high school on I was hooked to the process of designing and creating unique wearable’s. I earned a BFA in Crafts from the Jewelry and Metalsmithing department of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  For five years I designed costume jewelry for an East Coast manufacturer.  I continue to seek additional education by way of workshops and classes through Gemological Institute of America, Rhode Island School of Design and others.  I believe one should never stop growing their knowledge base and nurturing their creative spirit.

Adornment by Kate Wilcox-Leigh was born in 2010 from my pure desire to make jewelry for you; the individual who wants your jewelry to be as powerful and distinctive as you are. I use an array of metals and materials including recycled sterling and fine silver, gold, iron as well as leather, polymer and various fibers. I apply traditional hand fabrication techniques like cutting, forming, joining and stone setting processes along with fiber techniques to my materials of choice.

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